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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> temperature and the humidity is up and storm chances in to thursday. we will show you on live doppler 9000 hd we have a couple of showers on the eastern shore and also down in the northern neck. reedville may get a shower there and also easton, cambridge, we are seeing them spotty off and on there. most of the area is dry. bigger picture on the weather computer, we are talking about clouds and showers from yesterday that were moving through the region off to our south. switch it back to the weather computer and moving to the south. those showers no longer near us. fairly quiet start this morning except for the shower piece. temperatures are running as warm as 79 in college park. 72 sterling and manassas, ft. belvoir. columbia 71. brandywine 75 as is bethesda. look for a sticky day today. temperature topping the 90- degree mark. maybe 95 with a slight chance of a shower or storm. >> good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. wish i had great news to report on the south side of the
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capital beltway, but right now we are still having issues due to that vehicle fire earlier. we still have two lanes blocked on the inner loop. some delays. so watch for that as you head out in virginia. 395 much better picture. to no problems reported. 66 eastbound, from centreville to the beltway also same story. no big problems out there. in montgomery county, outer loop from 95 to 270, things are looking good. and finally, montgomery county, those traffic lights are causing a problem. watch your speed and watch for each other. back to you. right now 47,000 pepco customers in maryland are still without power as a result of sunday's violent storms. and crews are working feverishly to get more customers back on-line. most of the outages are in montgomery county. kristin fisher is joining us with a progress report. gm, kristin. >> good morning, angie. i'm at the intersection of weller and good hill and you
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all just missed a bunch of power crews. they have been here all night long working to restore power in the neighborhood. great news for the people who live in this neighborhood. they say power should be back on momentarily. and this is happening throughout the dc area as more and more people get back on- line. now, right now pepco has roughly 400 crews in the field working to restore power in the area. about 300 of those are reinforcements from out of town. yesterday morning there was a caravan of power crews from as far away as ohio rolling out of pepco's storm staging area at montgomery county fairgrounds. they have been working throughout the night to restore service to pepco customers and they have made progress, like i mentioned, especially in this neighborhood. this time yesterday morning there were 100,000 people without power in montgomery county. this morning, that number has dropped to 38,000. so great news there. frustrations are still building
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for residents and businesses without power. they are going on day four with no electricity. yesterday's pepco's regional president explained why the et cetera store ration effort is taking so long. >> some of the challenges we have experienced during this time, several of our substations were taken out of service. we are reported over 1600 -- 1620 wires down. that's real work. it is complex, dangerous work. and it is very labor-intensive. >> reporter: pepco is hoping to have everyone back on-line by the end of today, but that estimate could easily extend until friday. so if you would like to get an estimateds restore ration time on your home or business, all you have to do is call this number 877-pepco-62. another option is you can go to our website at and that is where you can find the pepco power outage map an all the latest numbers.
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so go there and until then i will be standing out here trying to figure out exactly when the power will be back on. i'm looking around to make sure no, indeed it hasn't come back on yet but by the time i see you at 5:30 the lights in this neighborhood should be back on. breaking news out of pakistan. at least 25 people were killed but many more are feared dead after a plane crash near the capital city of islamabad. these are pictures of the smoldering jet this morning. rescuers are having a tough time getting to the area because 0 of mountainous terrain. it was flying from karachi to the capital city when it lost contact with the control tower. 146 passengers were on the flight along with six crew members. the house approved $33 million to fund a troop surge in afghanistan. the money will be used to move additional 30,000 troops there. all but 12 of the no votes came
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from democrats who end to the money should be used for domestic needs. the funding will set up lawmakers for another battle on how to pay for the war in afghanistan. the bill is now heading to the president's desk for his signature. we now have a face and a name to match the name prince georges county police are calling a calculated and conniver serial killer. a grand jury indicted 27-year- old jason scott on tuesday for the double murder of a mother and daughter who lived only miles from him. police say he dilled delors and ebony dewitt last march. he faces two counts of first- degree murder, two counts first degree burglary and weapons charges in the crime. officer he is a suspect in the murder of a another mother daughter pair and a suspect in the murder of vilma butler. athey say someone shot her and set her house on fire.
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medical marijuana is now legal in the district after congress decided not to overrule a dc council bill. it is to help patients with cancer and glaucoma and other illnesses. patients will not be allowed to grow their own marijuana and must get a doctor's prescription to buy it from a dispensary but that is likely to be several months away. time for the latest "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> good morning. we are looking at earnings, economic data factors that are likely to direct trading this morning and wall street struggled to extend a winning streak yesterday. blame a drop in consumer confidence for that. overnight asian stocks headed higher. checking wall street, the dow is at 10537. it added 12 points yesterday. the nasdaq dropped by 8 and the s&p was down by a point. the upper big branch mine is not likely to reopen this
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year because of ongoing investigations and the damage from an april 5th explosion that killed 29 men. the owner, ma massey energy reports the blast contributed to a second quarter loss of $89 million. that compared to a $29 million profit last year. the blast is a subject of criminal and civil investigations. it is in the 80s and 90s but let's talk about this winter than the heathing bills we may catch a break. heating oil prices are expected to rise modestly this winter. they protect the average residential prices in the northeast will climb to 3.13 a galn in the dead of winter compare that to two years ago when we were paying 4.50 a gallon. finally getting a break. >> i don't care what the season is when you are saving me money i want to hear about it. what's coming up? we are saving you time and money when you are shopping on- line. what can't you love about that?
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>> can't complain. thank you. this marks day 100 of the disaster in the gulf. the broken well has been capped but b.p. is working on sealing it for gad and as tara mergener reports, investigators are looking closer at b.p.'s relationships with two orcompanies linked though the disaster. >> reporter: nearly two weeks after b.p. caps the gushing well, there appear to be less oil floating on the water surface, but government scientists warn that doesn't mean it isn't still lurking deep below. >> we are carefully doing an analysis to better understand where the oil has gone and where the remaining impacts are most likely to occur. >> reporter: they say some of the oil appears to be breaking apart very quickly but large under water plumes have some experts worried. they fear much of the crude is trapped below the surface after 700,000-gallons of chemical dispersants were used to break it up. the permanent solution, a relief well, is several weeks
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away. the government is trying to figure out who should be held accountable for the disaster. the sec and the justice department are preparing a criminal probe of at least three companies. according to the "washington post," b.p., transocean and halliburton are the target of the investigation they are looking in to whether relationships with federal regulators contributed to the disaster. the latest probe is another sign that b.p.'s newly-named ceo will have his hands full. american bob dudley will replace embattled ceo tony hayward in october. >> i'm sure there will be changes. >> reporter: those changes are already taking shape. b.p. plans to sell $30 billion in aseths and set aside $32 billion manier to cover the cost of the largest oil spill in u.s. history. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. still to come when the news returns, the start of school is just around the corner.
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coming up new guidelines on how to deal with lice. but first, dozens of homes are destroyed and more threatened as crews battle wildfires out west.
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welcome back. good news on the capital belt way. the fire is gone on the inner loop and both lanes are moving. back to you. in the news now, the body of a lexington park, maryland woman who mysteriously disappeared eight days ago was found. she was killed and her suspected murderer is behind bars. the suspect was a-- arrested at a hotel in niagara falls. the utah supreme court reversed the conviction of warren jeffs and ordered a new
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trial. the jury received incorrect instructions before considering his role in toe the 2001 marriages of a 14-year-old girl to her 19-year-old cousin. jeffs was convicted in 2007. he is serving two consecutive terms of five years to life. firefighters near los angeles are dealing with a serious battle. a wildfire sparked up tuesday afternoon and quickly destroyed dozens of homes. 200 firefighters on the ground and in the air are attacking the fire. they say the conditions are difficult because of rapidly changing winds. thousands of people go under the knife to lose weight. a few things you may want to consider before undergoing bare yacht rick surgery. we have a few few showers. we will let you know where that is and quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive.
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. welcome back. howard is saying the rain will hold off another day. >> at least a day or two. better chance of rain in the mountains later on but tomorrow is the most active for the next three or four days. start with the weather computer and we will show you the last 12 hours. some cloudiness here and there and over the last hour two or
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on the eastern shore, northern neck we have seen a couple of showers. east of the bay, nothing happening on the west side of the bay except the northern neck. in and around easton, north of easton on a 0 a couple of light showers. they are drifting lowly to the east of denton. this is moving to the east. that's about it. fairly quiet morning out there. as far as the day at a glance, we are looking at temperatures, which will warm to the low 80s by 9:00, upper 80s by noon and low to mid-90s for a high today. partly sunny to mostly sunny with an isolated shower or storm. this morning, partly sunny. again an isolated shower east we just looked at on live doppler 9000 hd. 70s and 80s and southwest winds and the sun is up at 6:06.
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the heat and humidity today. yesterday 87 and today 93, maybe 95 in one or two spots with a south southwest wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. mostly cloudy and muggy night tonight with another isolated shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow being more active. dew points up to 70 in frederick, leesburg and andrews. 73 orange and culpeper. the muggies are back in a big way and the temperatures are up also. 79 the warm spot in soul pepper, tappahannock is 75. and 75 from lou anne in annapolis. 77 at national. feels like 79 with a southwest wind at 8 and a few clouds. the next weather maker in the northern plains. you see the front here. the storm system in canada, trailing cold front with showers and storms. this comes through tomorrow. that's why tomorrow we will expect more in the way of showers and thunderstorm
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activity. right now looks like it is limited severe potential. 93 today. better chance of storms tomorrow. still i think we will crack the 90-degree mark and humidity drops off on friday. 86. upper 80s and then humid enough for a couple of storms. patranya bhoolsuwan, what's happening? >> i don't know about those muggies out there. we still have traffic light issues out in montgomery county. as you can see the icons all over the place. watch for that and treat them as four-way stops. moving to 270. traffic heading southbound we are tracking a few more cars head south from germantown to the split but no major problems to report. 95 and bw parkway, clean and green. no problems. heading in to dc, times building to third street tunnel no problems there and 395 to the 14th street bridge, traffic is moving without incident, as
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well. 5:18. back to you. topping the health alert, surgeries to help people lose massive amounts of weight include gastric bypass and lap band procedures have soared in popularity. but if this is something you are considering look at the number of procedures done by your doctor. an report says don't rely on a center of excellence status because the number of surgeries matters more in avoiding life- threatening complications. >> patients should realize that centers of excellence has met certain safety standards for bariatric hospitals but they are not necessarily the hospitals with the best outcomes. >> reporter: what kind of numbers are we talking about? high volume docs are performing more than 250 procedures a year and those in the low lowell volume category do less than 100. new guidelines on how to treat pesky parasites better known as lice. the american academy of
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pediatrics recommends that parents first try the over-the- counter shampoos but some of the critters have become resistant and may need an over- the-counter treatment. should kids stay out of school, no. because by the time you spot them they have likely had them for weeks. sports is next. when the news continues. and some are concerned about stephen strasburg. he was abruptly scratched from playing against the braves last night. x
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good morning, everyone. we love watching him pitch but nats fans have a secret fear every time they see him unleash one of those 100-mile an hour fast balls that his arm is going to fly off of his body. while nothing that grave happened last night, something was clearly not right. ten minutes before he was slotted to make his tenth big league start against the braves last night he was scratched because he was unable to get loose warming up in the bull pen. he had an mri last evening and rizzo describes his status. >> the x-ray was negative, which is a good thing. we sent him for an mri and it shows no changes from his
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original mris right after we signed him. diagnosed with a little inflammation in the shoulder. status is day to day we are not sure where he is at. >> reporter: instead of strasburg, batista made the start last night and he was strasburgesque. five shutout innings, struck out six. braves couldn't touch him. he offensive blow came in the second with desmond coming on board. 3-0 nats and in the ninth, no problem. 3-0. nats win the fourth shutout of the year. vasquez got his first wish this summer, he got drafted by the grizzlies but his second wish to make the starting lineup took a hit as he went under the knife. he had surgery in baltimore yesterday to fix a bone spur in his ankle. he suffered the injury playing
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in the las vegas summer league. the team says the surgery was a success and expect him back for training camp in september. a reminder the new high school cbs is up and running, prepared to give you the most complete high school football coverage in the fall. and high schoolers, we need you to be part of our team by shooting and uploading video from your school from highlights, pep rallies to cheerleader and interviews with the players and coaches. there will be prizes and chances to interact with the 9 news now team. you can fill out an application on the lights are back on but thousands are in the dark after sunday's storm. up next a progress report on how crews are doing an how residents are coping as they enter the third day without power. plus, the widow of the virginia man robbed and killed in california for a job
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interview shares her pain and anger. patranya bhoolsuwan is checking on the roads. >> 50 westbound from the bay bridge to bowie to 495, right now no problems. we are keeping our eyes open out there. for more on the weather let's head over to howard. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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welcome back. thanks for joining us. let's begin with lawn mower man. >> yesterday in the first time in a month i mowed. things haven't been growing because of the lack of rain. however, a little rain lately things are starting to grow. mow it high, don't cut it short this time of the year. best way to kill the lawn if you don't want to ever mow it again. mold spores in the moderate category yesterday when they came in. everything else was low. a couple of showers popped up on the eastern shore and the
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northern neck, west of reedville over the last hour to two hours. passing clouds here and there. a quiet but warm morning. in the upper 70s. a few 60s from the mountains of west virginia. winchester and western maryland. today, a hot humid sticky day. low 80s by 9:00. upper 80s by noon and low to mid-90s in a few spots with a chance of a thunderstorm. 93 for the drive home. patranya bhoolsuwan is trafficking the wednesday traffic. >> that's right. i'm starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to traffic light issues but that is what we are dealing with out there. be careful out there. in virginia, 95 north, prince william parkway to the mixing bowl, seeing more traffic picking up this morning but no major issues. still same story on 66 ebb february centreville to route
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50 to 495. still all open on the outer loop. back to you. right now 47,000 pepco customers in maryland are still without power as a result of sunday's violent storms, and crews are working feverishly to get more customers back on- line. most outages are in montgomery county. that's where we find kristin fisher in the town of wheaton. i know last time we talked to you about 30 minutes ago. the key word from officials was momentarily. >> they were dead on. if you live at the intersection or near the intersection of weller road and good hill in wheaton, maryland then chances are you are waking up with power this morning. check it out. you see the beautiful shining light that is a gorgeous sight to people without power for three days now. if you are unfortunately one of the people would you power, i want to tell you what you can do. if you want to get an estimated
5:32 am
restoration time all you have to do is call 877-pepco-62. you can go to our website at for an interactive pepco power outage map. here's what pepco's regional president had to say yesterday about when all of their customers should be back on- line. >> we believe service will be restored to the vast number of our customers by thursday. there will be some customers n smaller pocks that will go beyond that. >> reporter: as of now, pepco is reporting 47,000 customers are without power. 36,000 right here in montgomery county. so still a very big number but much better than this time yesterday morn when 100,000 pepco customers in montgomery county were still in the dark. so big improvements over the past 24 hours and a lot of it has to do with all of those out of town crews. pepco is reporting they have 400 people scattered across the dc area working to restore your
5:33 am
power. 350 of them are out of towners. so a lot of work to go, angie but it is a great news in the sense we are seeing those numbers drop drastically, especially in the past 24 hours. back to you. >> thank you. two people are in custody for the murder of a fairfax man killed in california. 45-year-old gene king went to the bay area for a job interview with google. the husband and father of three was shot during robbery last week. the police told his wife that the two suspects had done this before. >> i was very angry at the beginning and i'm still angry, very angry right now. it is so hard right now. >> reporter: oakland police say the suspects confessed they robbed him because he wasn't paying attention and they needed money. a memorial will be held this
5:34 am
saturday at a church in dunn loring. passengers on a united airlines plane in dulles are glad to be on the ground. smoke forced the san diego bound plane to make an emergency landing in charleston, west virginia on tuesday morning. no one was hurt. united sent a replace plane to pick up the passengers and crew. we now know what caused the deadliest accident in metro transit history. the national transportation safety board says it with was faulty signal equipment. line people died in last year's accident when one metro train slammed in to another train. the ntsb says an electronic signal should have triggered the approaching train to slow down and stop but it failed and they pointed to a lack of focus when it comes to safety at metro. >> the layers of safety deficiencies uncovered during the course of this investigation are troubling. >> reporter: metro says it is
5:35 am
already making certain changes recommended by the ntsb including replacing aging equipment. a north carolina toddler is being hailed as a miracle baby. ten days ago, 17-month-old josiah jackson fell from a chair on to a metal rod of a power washer. the rod became lodged in his head, three inches in to his brain and the toddler was take to an the hospital at the university of north carolina where doctors were unsure whether they could save him. >> didn't sugar coat anything. said mr. jones, more than likely we pull the screw out of his head he's going to bleed out and bleed to death. so he said that, man, i just lost it. >> this could not have been in a worse location. if there was any injury to that that could have resulted in instant death or a massive stroke or in a terrible outcome. >> reporter: a day after surgery josiah was recovering as if nothing happened. he is being released from the
5:36 am
hospital today and is expect to make a full recovery. a pennsylvania woman is accused of cleaning the bathroom with her son's toothbrush and then returning it to its holder. police say that 52-year-old debra took her 26year -old son's toothbrush and gave the bathroom a good scrubbing. when the mother was done she put it back where she found it. police cited her with harassment. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with consumer news that we can use. >> that's right. more people are actually leaving their homes, fewer people are owning now days. homeownership is the lowest level in 11 years. the census bureau says 70% of people owned in the second quarter, that's down by a half percentage point. at the same time there is more competition for the great apartment. apartment rentals are surging along with home foreclosures. general motors put a price tag on the electric car.
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the volt will cost $41,000 but a federal tax credit cuts the price by 7,000. chevrolet is taking orders for the volt. it runs on battery power with a small gas engine for backup. the official launch is set for november. time for the money saver. it would be easy searching all day to find the perfect deal of the day discount. let's d od tracker do it for you. it lists hundreds of items from sites that offer including deals of the days including if it is still for sale and when it is out of stock. there's nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect item, perfect price an it is out of stock. still to come, tornadoes rip through the nation's heartland with deadly results. we have nature's fury caught on
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tape. we are looking live nice and quiet in georgetown. no problems in to dc at this hour. thing may change. we will keep our eyes on the roadways for you. 9 news now will be right back.
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welcome back, everybody. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. we are flying over 267 the toll road this morning past reston to the tysons corner area to the beltway. back with more traffic. other than that, over to you. in the news now, train service on the northeast corridor line was disrupted after a person was struck by a train near hamilton, new jersey. that's near philadelphia. a female standing on the tracks was struck and killed by a westbound bound acela express train during rush hour last night. the mishap caused some delays. coast guard workers con to work at a toxic waste accident
5:41 am
on the mississippi river near the town of covington, tennessee. a barge carrying toxic materials had an accident. three people were treated after breathing in the vapors. two people are dead after a tornado ripped a family's farmhouse from the foundation in northeastern montana. the national weather service says the tornado touched down west of reserve, montana monday night. a 10-year-old boy and 46-year- old man were killed. still to come, if some of you are using generators until the power come back on, some thing courthouse should know to save your home and possibly your life. you can feel the humidity levels are crept back too the region. we will talk about that. some storms on the way and more nice weather ahead. the full seven-day forecast when we return.
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welcome back. though coast guard released videotapes before a boat crashed in philadelphia -- the crash along the delaware river sent 37 people in the water earlier this month. two hungarian tourists died. other victims suffered injuries, but recovered. the tapes are now part of a federal investigation. in chicago, police are looking for a gunman wanted for killing nine people at a bus stop. witnesses say this man opened fire from an suv on monday night. three victims suffered serious to critical injuries. officers believe the shooting was in retaliation for another shooting earlier in the night. in indiana it is crooks
5:46 am
ripping off crooks. last week, officers busted a counterfeit ring inside of an pardon me. while they were there, a neighbor came knocking a the door which led them to find a large amount of pot and ecstasy in his place. they believe they were using some of the funny money to buy illegal drugs from their neighbors. the suspects are now behind bars. a family dog in prince georges county is being called a hero. his name is enzo, a 1-year-old english bull dog and he woke up everybody in the middle of the night before the house went up in flames. >> he was barking and i look at the base and start to smell some smoke and thick smoke came out of the basement. if he didn't wake me up and my wife, i wouldn't be here today talking to you guys. >> reporter: everyone got out safely, but the house suffered severe damage. the family tells us they plan to rebuild.
5:47 am
>> man's best friend right there. >> that's right. coming through. that is loyalty. what rewith seeing outside. >> muggy conditions a slight chance of a shower in the northern neck and the eastern shore but those are few and far between. slight chance will stay up today and then pick up somewhat on thursday. let's talk about the weather headlines because the muggies are back. had a nice break the humidity the last couple of days. it's over with the humidity levels returning and also the heat. that will be with us through tomorrow. however, some storms are coming through tomorrow will accompany a cold front, limited severe weather threat with that and nice again by friday and hold to that for a couple of days. today, 77 now. low 80s by 9:00. upper 80s for lunchtime. 88 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds. 93 as you drive home with a slight chance of a shower or storm. the forecast first, partly sunny, the isolated shower east. 70s and 80s. light southwest winds a five.
5:48 am
sun is up in 20 minutes. partly sunny, hot and humid. isolated thunderstorms. 90 to 95. south southwesterly winds at ten miles an hour. anden this tonight, mostly cloudy and muggy again. warm 70s an mid to upper 70s for lows but still a shower or thunderstorm here or there. rain chances really pick up tomorrow. sunset 8:23. this morning we have had some showers pop up eastern shore up and down. you see them here and even just near reedville. there it is coming in there. other than that it is quiet and warm and muggy. upper 70s already at the pax naval air station. winchester 68 and so is petersburg and cumberland. garrett conte and oakland have been out a couple of days but they are in the 60s this morning and even up in baltimore has got lower 70s. warm, muggy start. feeling like 79 with dew point in the upper 60s. some areas have already topped,
5:49 am
fortunately the 70-degree mark. showers and storms across the south. the ones this the midwest ahead of the cold front coming through minnesota and wisconsin and michigan this morning. a little weaker now but throw in daytime heating lane is a risk of severe weather out here today. tomorrow the risk is not as widespread. we are not outlooked by the storm prediction center because slight chance of storms tomorrow. warm front to the south. that's moving north and east and we will see an isolated shower or storm through the afternoon and then tomorrow, here comes the front. during the middle of the day. 11:00, 12:00, notice the storms pushing through and will be out of here thursday night. friday looks a lot better. seven-day forecast, the hot one today, 93 with the humidity. 92 tomorrow. scattered showers and storms likely. friday 86. a lot less humid, more comfortable. saturday looks good and a couple of storms are possible by sunday. 5:49. hello, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> hello, howard.
5:50 am
from the muggy conditions weather wise to traffic conditions on the roadways we are giving you a picture of what is happening throughout. in and around the beltway we have a cluster of traffic lights not working properly in montgomery county. be extra alert anywhere you go this wednesday morning. switch to the live camera on 270 filling out from germantown to 370. nothing blocking the travel lanes. that's the good news. to the beltway and virginia we go, see how things are looking, looking good. no major problems reported. as we switch to 395 more traffic here, as well. still dark out there. people have hair head lights on. no problems out there. and suitland parkway, all lanes are open. everything is looking good. back too you. when the power goes out there are a few amongest us who have generators to provide some back up. but as lesli foster reports if you aren't careful you can do more harm than good. >> reporter: monday afternoon a colesville family had a close
5:51 am
call, hours after they left their generator running inside of an enclosed porch. >> one occupant came and said we are not feeling well and our carbon monoxide detector started to alert. >> this family was lucky. firefighters say their decision to try to find out why it the detector kept going off probably saved their lives. >> the outcome could have been worse if this was an event that occurred overnight. so before you power up, montgomery county firefighters want you to know a few things, first. >> if you are going to use it, use it in a well venerated area. >> check to see how much it can handle. >> it can operate up to four or five appliances. >> and make sure it is a safe distance from your home. >> one, two, three four five six seven eight nine ten 11, 12. about 25 feet away from your home. >> reporter: remember the generator has the components of
5:52 am
a vehicle, including a combustible engine and when you refuel. >> make sure you are fueling and all of your fuel does not come in contact or is close to where the exhaust system could ignite the fuel. >> reporter: rescuers hope your efforts to get relief won't require a call for help. they say a few steps can keep you comfortable and safe until the lights come back on. that was lesli foster reporting. if you have a generator, you need to have working smoke and carbon monoxide detector and when you plug in appliances use construction type safety cords look for at least 14 gauge. and change the oil filter after two days of use. more news, weather and traffic when 9 news now returns and the entertainment headlines. stay with us. to help avoid dental problems
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my dentist gives me act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. oh my goff. look at who's leading the cast of the office. after months of talk and speculation, it's official. actor steve cartel will not renew his contract to stay on "the office." it expires next season. no news who may be taking the place. he plans to spend more time
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with his family. actor hugh lori like many before him is trying to pan at at -- he produced a new orleans blues album. he said he is drunk with excitement at this opportunity. >> on the other end of the spectrum, rihanna is trying her hand at acting. she will star in battleship based on the classic board game. she stars alongside taylor kip. the film is set for release in may of 2012. there was double reason to come out, kick your shoes off and join the crowd in arlington. they hosted a two fund-raise happy hour benefiting shepherds table, a nonprofit that collects gently worn shoes to give to the homeless in the area and the night helped katie to raise money for her trip to honduras where she will pass out shoes to the needy on
5:57 am
behalf of charity soles for souls. >> we take shoes and clothes for granted where as soles for souls focuses on work. how will they get to work. they need protection. they don't live in an viral where they can go to the store and buy a pair of shoes every day. washington 50 most beautiful list is out. the hill newspaper released the names and pictures of the 50 best looking people on captiol hill. making the list this year, senator kristin gillibrand. viewed as a woman who does it all. she is a senator, mother of two and made her health a priority. no surprise, former male model senator brown is there, too. who could forget that 1980 spread in cosmo. take that off. representative jesse jackson
5:58 am
junior makes the cut credited for undergoing a huge transformation by becoming a health nut and taking up martial arts and yoga. coming in at number one, not a familiar name but a pretty face. alexis latifi is a staffer for richard shellby and a die hard vegan. one of her biggest honor byes is researching the health food stores across washington. chris the hill's editor said they got 300 nominations this year. >> we pick several months to look at the best people and the prettiest people. it is nothing more than that. it is about beaut beauty. >> it is shallow. i figured it works well for a stressful environment for captiol hill. people are stressed deafer athis is something we can focus on that is fun. we have 40 people that look at the photos an vote on them. so it is democratic. >> reporter: you can see the fill list of washington's 50 most beautiful in today's issue
5:59 am
of the hill and go to and click on the buzz headlines on the home page and i was unhappy not to see our howard bernstein on the list. >> how did that happen? >> i don't know. >> a grave injustice. >> i was expecting you to be number one, scott brown, howard bernstein. you have been working out every day. >> shorted again. >> looks like if you are working out today you want to do it inside because the humidity levels are going to be high. >> our running friends who what i am talking able, a lot is steamier than the last couple of mornings when the air was dry but we have the heat and humidity coming back today in to tomorrow. go to the weather computer. a couple of showers to the south on the eastern shore and the northern neck. we have seen one 2004. they are few and far between. they are not affecting the met ten and what we may see n'


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